Eine kleine Presse-Rückschau

A little press review

Last week and the week before there were some press reports about our project. Both on the radio and in the local newspapers there were reports abo...

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Der erste Versand geht los

The first shipment starts

Dear friends of facefashion.info, today was a special day for us. We went online with our website facefashion.info a little over a week ago. At tha...

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Wir verbessern den Versand

We're improving shipping

We've tried a few things and improved our shipping today: our new A4 envelopes fit up to 10 face masks! And because our masks are so soft, the enve...

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Der erste Verkaufstag

The first day of sale

The first day of sales blew us away - we sold significantly more of our community made face masks than we could ever have imagined! Our mission to ...

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Motive für Jungs

Designs for boys

Dear friend, we have only been online since yesterday and we are already receiving a lot of questions about designs for boys. We have of course alr...

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