It's hot - and we have the right face mask for it

Dear friends of,

it is summer and the temperatures are now peaking again. Due to the requirement to wear a mask almost everywhere, the sweat flows even more on the face. It has now been investigated that even pleasant, mild temperatures are sufficient to induce an unpleasant feeling of sweating in common two-layer cotton masks.

There are now numerous information channels and opinions on the subject. However, we at face fashion adhere to the official information media of the government and the institutions commissioned by you. There are now clear recommendations, also for wearing community masks in summer or in the heat:

In addition to regular washing, wearing comfort and sweating under your mask depend heavily on the nature of the fabric:

In the case of (often three-layer) disposable masks, protection against viruses is provided, but an unpleasant odor quickly sets in and stuffy air under the mask. In addition, throwing away the many disposable masks has now become an environmental problem (incidentally, careless throwing away is also punished, in France, for example, it costs up to 350 euros).

Cotton masks are more sustainable because they can be washed - but unfortunately a lot of resources are required in the production of cotton and we also have a number of customers who tell us that they couldn't breathe very well through their self-sewn or purchased cotton masks right now in the summer. Many people sweat heavily with these items and therefore they have switched to masks from and are able to breathe well again and sweat less.

Please notice that sweat under the mask naturally also creates moisture in the fabric, which in turn is a favorable environment for pathogens.

Hygiene experts therefore have clear recommendations for masks in the summer time: you should of course wear your masks over your mouth and nose, but use those that are still breathable and easy to wash - so that they can be reused at any time.

This is exactly the type of mouth and nose masks that you can get from - all of our community masks are made from an Ökotex-certified polyester fabric that has even been classified as safe in the category for babies and toddlers.

And in addition, especially with this material, we have the great option of making face masks with design motifs without noticeably impairing the ability to breathe - our popular mask too Beardwho have favourited the mask with the official Europe flag (worn by European politicians) or the Summer masks in bright colors are our favorite examples and real "mask-haves".

Our mouth and nose protection is much more than just any everyday mask. It fulfills three criteria at once:

  1. Easy breathing, even in summer (our customers confirm this)
  2. Oekotex-certified material that is easy to wash and dries quickly
  3. Colorful prints - because we want to bring back your smile!

We cordially invite those who have not yet changed over to try our masks.

Treat yourself to a really well thought-out everyday mask for the next few weeks that will make life a whole lot easier for you with the current restrictions.


Thanks and stay healthy!


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