Softer elastic cords for more comfort

Dear friends of,

Since we started our project, it has always been important to us to always produce the best possible product - despite the high speed at which we wanted you to get your hands on our masks. That is why in the last two weeks we have not only constructed a small network of tailoring shops, but we have often worked overtime in order to find ways to improve our face masks even more. 

At the beginning we equipped them with a normal rubber band, as you might know from sewing instructions on the Internet - a so-called "elastic band" that is 3-5 mm wide. Although this is the common standard for home-made masks at the moment, this felt just not good enough for us.

We wanted a softer and more stretchable tape – and we have now found one. From now on all of our masks will be equipped with this new, improved elastic band and we promise you: you will notice the difference! The masks are much more comfortable to wear, they won't pinch your ears and the elastic band is very soft.

Many of you have already received your face masks with this new feature and we hope that there will be many more.

All the best,

Michael Knoedgen

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