New partners, the first masks and everything else

Dear friends, so much has happened in the last few days that we just didn't have time to write a new blog post. Today there is finally an update for this and because so much has happened, I'll give you the topics in short form:

  • First of all, the most important thing: our first masks are sewn and we think they look really good. The pressure is strong, the material is nice and soft, and even if every mask is a little different (it's handcrafted), we are overjoyed and relieved that everything worked out so far. We will start shipping shortly and then masks will be sent out to you every day.
  • was on the radio and is now also in the press! If you like to read some of it, here's an article in PRINZ magazine (German), which we particularly like. Additionally, can find a snippet from a radio show where Michael appeared on Facebook or Instagram under "Videos".
  • In the last few days we have spoken to a lot of people who can help us sewing masks. Entrepreneurs, tailor shops, textile printers. We've made a lot of good contacts and found some small companies that are now working with us and sew masks for you.
  • It is incredibly complex and not an easy task to organize such a project together with so many different small companies and that is why it will take a few days before we have established a stable network here. Our primary goal remains: we want reasonable delivery times so that none of you have to wait too long for your mask. I hope that I can update you again next week. In the meantime I say thank you again for the huge leap of faith from you! <3

As always: write to us if you have any questions or suggestions. We are happy about everyone who contacts us.



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