Masks against racism and for cultural diversity

Dear friends of,

I am very concerned about the current political situation. I grew up multilingual myself and have always seen the exchange with cultures that were previously foreign to me as an enrichment and broadening of my horizons. When people take to the streets everywhere now, because issues such as racism or simply the marginalization of marginalized groups are still such a massive problem in 2020, then that doesn't leave me alone. I also want to make a statement as loud as possible myself - against stigmatizing skin color, social origin, language, age, clothing style or other attributes of a person. 

Of course, it makes sense to use slogans such as “black lives matter” or “fight racism” with our face mask project, and one could certainly design them in such a way that the aesthetic heart of a designer does not immediately bleed. But I am completely honest, me it is not enough to simply copy political statements that others are already using. My aspirations have always been a little deeper, so I've thought about what the core of the problem is:

In the end, shouldn't the statement be that all people have equal rights and is the phrase “all men are created equal” (no, we don't mean men, but people) not what should finally be lived in the world? Is it really about fighting something (namely, racism), or can it be expressed positively by showing how interesting and enriching cultural diversity can be? And is the issue really racism, or isn't it really about tolerating people's peculiarities?

This train of thought was the basis for creating mask motifs that show different, unique faces instead of the usual raised fists and protest calls - from different countries, with different skin colors, with or without a beard, in different age groups. A sticking out tongue and a chewing gum bubble in front of my mouth have been something I wanted to include in our motif repertoire for a long time anyway, and the two fit perfectly into this new concept. In addition, everyone should find a mask in their skin color with us, that is also lived pluralism for us.

I very much hope that this new edition will be recognized for what it is: a statement for a tolerant society.

I look forward to talking to you and am open to all suggestions and ideas on this topic!

Greetings from you

Your Michael


P.S .: Incidentally, we have also opened shipping to other countries to match this topic. You can now have our masks sent to Belgium, Denmark, France, Estonia, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden and Spain. We are also working on a translation of the entire online shop into English. 

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