Delivery times update, corporate customers and more

Dear friends of,

The hard work of the last two weeks has paid off: today we can announce that we have now built up a small but stable network of printing and tailoring companies - and every day they are very busy tailoring, sorting and shipping.

There is still a backlog of orders to process because you literally inundated us with your inquiries last week and gave us an incredible incentive to print masks as quickly as possible, to procure elastic bands and nose wire (that was sometimes not that easy) and to continue working on this project for very long days.

It's an incredible adventure to build something like this out of nothing in a short time and we are overjoyed about our community and happy about everyone who is with us - and we are grateful that you have all been so patient with us and yours so far Masks have been waiting. 

We can now see light at the end of the tunnel and can now plan a little better for the next few weeks, and we would like to provide you with your favorite mask faster in the future. That is why we have set ourselves a new goal:

Every mask ordered from today should be delivered in less than 7 days.

On the home page of the online shop you can find a delivery time ticker now. If it is green, your mask will be delivered within 7 days. And if there is still a bottleneck, we will adjust the ticker on the homepage accordingly. Now you can see if you have to be patient when ordering face masks from us.

A second big innovation is that we are now offering custom made masks can. We print (almost) any desired design and the minimum order quanitity is only 10 masks. We also have attractive volume discounts and regardless of the number of items, there is always our good customer service that we believe is so important - not to mention that you always support the European economy if you buy from us, as we're 100% printing, cutting, sewing and assembling all your face masks here in Germany. By the way: as we have a background in the design industry, the development of an individual design for your masks is possible as well. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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