Facial fashion with that holiday feeling - masks through which you can really breathe.

Dear friends of facefashion.info,

The summer holidays begin for more and more people in Germany. And travel time is also throughout Europe. Unfortunately not as light-hearted as we all would like it to be and so an increased mask requirement has been introduced in numerous countries - e.g. In France, one must be worn in all closed public spaces since July 20, otherwise fines of up to 135 euros could be imposed. Similar regulations are already in force in other countries or are being discussed, in Spain a mask must even be worn on public sidewalks.

The good news: all of us European countries are promoting sustainable, washable fabric masks - and although many people are still out and about with environmentally harmful disposable masks, a trend reversal is apparently slowly becoming apparent. The pandemic is not over yet and sustainability is worthwhile.

For us at facefashion.info it is certain that we are on the right path: we will remain loyal to you and will not let you down even during the holiday season. Our sustainable fabric masks not only look good and protect your fellow human beings, but thanks to the breathable material you can still breathe easily even in the summer heat.

This combination of protection and breathability is what makes our masks so special!

Satisfied customers keep coming back to us, confirming these properties and that encourages us to keep going!

Now equip yourself with masks for the summer and benefit from the lower VAT rate. And if you have any questions, you probably will on our side already the correct answer. If not, just write us!

Stay safe and see you soon,


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