Money and masks at a total value of around 1,500 euros donated

Dear friends of,

It was April 17th when we decided that we would just bring this small, new online shop to the internet and let our friends and family know that we were offering a few handmade face masks that we thought we're well designed.

In retrospect, what has happened since this day seems almost surreal to me: you've ordered a serious amount of masks, the news about our project has spread quickly and even if everything didn't always go smoothly, as of today we have managed to send away over 1,500 face masks. And shipments won't only go to Germany but sometimes even to France or Belgium.

It was time to keep our promise and today - just in time for the International Nurses Day - it was a my huge pleasure to hand over our first official donation check. The donation went to Klinikum Stuttgart and consisted of € 750 as a monetary donation, as well as a donation in face masks, which the clinic had requested from us. Incidentally, the background to the donation was an call from the hospital who asked explicitely for donations in these though times.

I want to use this moment to say thanks to all of you! It was only through your help that we were able to donate such a huge amount of money and face masks in such a short time.

For us, success is an incentive: we are constantly working on this project and we want to become even better. We are re-designing our face masks at the moment - with softer elastic bands and many other small details. We are constantly optimizing, because we want to give you the best possible product and for us today is a clear sign: We will continue!

Thanks for your support! <3




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