Die zweite Welle – und die richtige Stoffmaske dafür

Dear friends of gesichtsmode.de,

the second wave is here and almost every day we get new highs for the number of infections. In numerous cities in Germany, but also among our European neighbors, the number of newly infected people who tested positive for the corona virus is higher than ever before.

Almost all media report maximum values with regard to the incidence figures. In some corona risk areas in Germany, there is now an additional mask requirement in hotspots such as in busy pedestrian zones or in tourist-attractive public places, and in the meantime knowledge of corona sufferers in the immediate vicinity is increasing dramatically.

In addition, mayors are calling for more responsible compliance with hygiene and distance regulations as well as wearing a mouth and nose cover in order to keep the further spread of the virus as low as possible on their own initiative.

First of all, it is important to emphasize that we are here for you. Not only have we sewed fabric masks for you throughout the summer and continue to supply private customers and companies with our high-quality face masks in autumn and winter, but we have also continuously improved our product.

In the last few weeks and months we have gained a lot of knowledge and tested materials and now we are sewing one almost unbreakable nosepiecewhich is super flexible on the one hand and so long on the other hand that it really adapts to the entire face contour on the top of the mask. Disposable masks use here z. B. often aluminum, which can be easily bent, but also breaks quickly. And we got it into our heads to offer the better alternative to disposable masks.

Not just because of us the topic sustainability drives (the mountain of rubbish created by disposable masks has grown unbelievably), but above all because we believe that it is possible to develop a mask that - despite adverse circumstances - is not perceived as such a great burden. 

Because let's not kid ourselves: I will only do that if I can wear my everyday mask for a long time without major problems. And only then will this mask fulfill its purpose.

The Textile masks from Sichtsmode.de combine high-quality protection from regional craftsmanship, 100% Made in Germany, with colorful, varied motifs and sustainable Ökotex fabric quality (tested in the "Babies and toddlers" category). There are Community masks, With which you can breathe effortlessly everywhere in everyday life and with proper care (do not use too much detergent!) They have a long shelf life and are therefore also sensible.

I don't want to withhold this letter that a customer sent me a few weeks ago:

Kunden-Feedback aufgrund der tollen Alltagsmasken-Qualität

But we were also very pleased with this news:

Kunden-Feedback: "Man merkt garnicht, dass man eine Maske trägt"

Kunden-Feedack: "Vielen Dank für den supernetten Kontakt und den Blitz-Versand"

For our entire community team, this kind of feedback is a great drive to keep going. We show this super nice praise to ours Tailoring partners and all those involved and share the joy of so many people who have understood that it can also help in a crisis if you don't lose your sense of humor and keep your spirits as good as possible - even if it's difficult.

And we now know that we're not just dealing with ours Donate to Doctors Without Borders to do something good, but that we also have a good, durable product that you would like to wear. Take a look at our brand new motifs for autumn and winter and see for yourself how comfortable it is to wear! 

After the mask requirement for schoolchildren was further expanded and now, almost without exception, a mask requirement for children from the 5th grade also applies in class, we have now also followed up with the children's motifs and put new fabric masks in the online shop. Two students from Baden-Württemberg even tried, in the course of an urgent application, to exempt the mask requirement during lessons. However, this application was rejected by the Administrative Court (VGH). The Württemberg Minister of Culture, Susanne Eisenmann, also welcomes this decision and appeals to the measures to protect against infection against the corona pandemic. One thing is certain: the requirement to wear a mask in class will remain in place for secondary school students for the time being, even after the autumn break and probably well into winter. In order to be well prepared for autumn and winter, we have expanded the range of our kids' masks and developed new designs. 

Among other things, we also listened to you on Instagram and more animal masks in our online shop - including there is now a cat - and of course are allowed to Cloth masks especially for the cold season, for the Advent and for Christmas not missing.

And currently there are also a few last ones Halloween masks! If you are quick, you can still secure one of the coveted pumpkin masks, one Fabric mask with a printed, glowing Halloween pumpkin - the favorite mask of many of our customers.

I wish you a good time, stay healthy and keep your head high! We will get through this difficult time together.

You're welcome write us for questions and suggestions.




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