The first shipment starts

Dear friends of,

today was a special day for us. We went online with our website a little over a week ago. At that time we didn't know what a huge amount of orders we would get from you (by the way, without paid advertising).

It was just an idea that there should be nice, comfortable masks for everyday - and we agreed that we wanted to help local economy and charity at the same time. We have developed a few designs and put them on the website.

Since this moment you've really kept us busy almost around the clock. We've barely slept the last few days, and I believe that everyone here - the printers, the tailors, and all of our family members, partners, children and friends - have had a pretty hard week.

We are all the more happy with what has been achieved so far: the first masks are ready and will be sent away soon. All the masks you see in the photo will be shipped this evening! A first for us! And we are so proud of it.

We will of course send everyone an e-mail in order to notify you about your shipment.

But even those who don't get any information tonight can be sure that your masks will soon be on the road as well. For us today is just a short break. We want all of you to get your hands on these masks as soon as possible.

In any case, we felt very touched by the huge mountain of masks today and we are happy that we can equip so many of you with them. Thanks for your trust!

Please recommend us to others once you have received your masks - and if you're not statisfied: please tell us what we can improve!



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Masken kamen heute an.
Sind echt toll, tragen sich sehr angenehm und sehen Klasse aus.

Harald May 03, 2020

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