New face masks for office workers

Dear friends of, I have long been concerned with the question of how we can help make life as pleasant as possible in the cooler season. The fact is, the days are getting cooler, many are no longer allowed (or want to) work in the home office and when we return to the office we will probably have to wear face masks for a while from now on. Be it to take part in meetings or because we work in an open-plan office, or be it because we are often on business trips or are involved in a team with projects where you cannot switch to video conferences and online meetings. Not every company affords sustainable fabric masks for its employees and the usual disposable masks are often given out for cost reasons - we know this because we keep receiving inquiries from corporate customers, for whom we then have masks with desired print (e.g. logo prints, masks in company colors , etc.) and the cost pressure is enormous. That's why I started weeks ago to think about how to design face masks in such a way that they can be worn comfortably for hours in business situations. One thing is clear: special community masks are required for everyday office life. Not only do they have to go with every office outfit and be easy to combine with blazers, skirts, business suits or jeans and blouses, but they should also be comfortable to wear over a longer period of time. Unfortunately, an office day is often longer than a stay in the supermarket or restaurant. This is exactly why we felt responsible for this topic: the quality of our facial fashion masks, but in classic subtle colors - business blue, anthracite and navy - and with statements that fit the office situation, but which still have a positive effect and make you smile just as much as your work colleagues in the meeting. We're starting our business edition with three masks: the "Business" print in anthracite is reminiscent of the look of an airline business class and goes great with any black jacket with a white shirt, or with a business combination with a blouse, blazer and trousers but it can just as easily be combined with a casual outfit or with a leisure look. The face mask with the print "Confidence" in blue always looks self-confident, regardless of whether you wear it with dark skirts or combination dresses, or whether you combine it with the comfortable travel outfit that you wear on your business trip. And the "Believe" model is a clear favorite for me for autumn and winter days in the office. It combines a good mood with inner conviction and the navy blue look not only goes perfectly with jeans or a suit with a blue shirt for men, but also looks confident and personable with women, e.g. if you wear this face mask with your favorite trousers or a light dress (e.g. cream-colored, caramel or light pink?). We'll start with these three office-compatible masks, but we see them as a complement to our popular "Hope" and "Change" mask models. That is why we are now also listing these two in the business masks and we believe that you will now find a large selection from subtle to strong. And that's not all, because more designs are still work in progress! Regardless of which model you choose: the most important thing is always wearing comfort and high, reliable product quality. Our comfortable community masks for everyday office life therefore also have the easily bendable, break-proof nose clip and they are just as hygienically washable as all of our Community face masks. Thanks to the soft ear loops made of particularly elastic material, they sit comfortably even when worn for a long time. The material is Ökotex-certified in the category for babies and toddlers and it is so light that breathing is not difficult despite the two-layer material (two layers of fabric are important for the protective effect of the mask). We are already looking forward to your feedback! If you have suggestions or ideas for further everyday business masks or if you miss something that we should offer you to make life in the office as pleasant as possible: feel free to write to us at any time. regards Your Michael

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