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When we went online with not even 5 days ago, we expected that a few people from our friends and family would buy from us. Instead, we received many more orders than we could have imagined. The message got spread super fast and we seem to have hit the spot with our idea. Many of you wish for masks that you actually enjoy wearing!

Since yesterday it has been known that masks will bemandatory use of face masks in place in our home state, Baden-Württemberg - and this has resulted in more coming in today than on Saturday, Sunday and Monday combined. 

We are very happy about this leap of faith!

It is our definitive goal to provide you with face masks as soon as possible. However, since everything is produced by small tailoring shops here in our town and two small printing companies, it will take a while to send you your face masks. In return you have a lovingly and fairly manufactured one-off piece.

We don't have a warehouse here from which we can simply pull out your finished mask and pack it directly. And there were really, really many orders - hundreds of them now.

We are working on expanding our network so that we can make more masks at the same time. But we also need some time for that.

We therefore ask you to be patient: everyone who has ordered from us will receive their masks and we will process the orders in the exact order in which they arrive.

At the moment it can take up to 14 days before we can send your mask.


Michael from 

P.S .: Update from May 1, 2020 - we made it and were able to significantly improve delivery times!

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Hallo ihr fleißgen Menschen, dass Ihr so etwas auf die Beine stellt ist schon richtig klasse. Natürlich hoffen wir dass die Masken bald kommen aber das wird schon.

Andreas Jasper April 23, 2020

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