Warum Gesichtsmode?

An idea is born​

how the project has started

In March 2020, designer Michael Knoedgen noticed that most of the people who walk around with a face mask appear anxious or at least a little tense. He wanted to change that. The idea: if we succeed in designing a face mask that makes you feel better than a disposable face mask, then we can do good. He looked for supporters for the project on social media.

A community project

Partners are found

Not even two weeks later Michael started the community project "facefashion.info" in cooperation with friends in Stuttgart, a city in Southwest Germany. Still in lockdown a textile printer and several tailor shops were found who sewed the very first masks by hand. Sales in the online shop stated without any marketing and only through word of mouth the project received quite a number of orders in a very short amount of time.

Mask requirement & celebrity supporters

Surprised by the success

It was just two weeks after project launch, that the German government installed a mask requirement and orders kept coming in. Members of the European Parliament ordered from us and whoever got our masks told their friends and relatives about it. This meant that new community partners had to be found quickly - we were looking for anybody who could help sewing our face masks. After just two more weeks we had built quite a stable network of tailor shops, with whom we have been working successfully ever since. All companies are based in the Stuttgart region so all our face masks are not only made in Germany, but made in the Stuttgart region.

A project that wants to help

€ 1,500 is donated

It was clear from the start: this community views itself primarily as an aid project. That is why part of the income has always been donated. Within just three weeks since the foundation in mid-April, 1,500 euros had already been raised in donations. Half of this was transferred in cash to a local hospital and at the request of the clinic, 50 face masks worth another 725 euros were donated additionally. Since then, a 5% donation has been an integral part of the facefashion.info online shop. Since June 2020 we have been donating to the organization Doctors Without Borders, which helps in international crisis areas.

Face masks that bring back your smile.

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